Month: April 2017

  • LMOE #83 – Jenner’s Jettisoned Junk

    Caitlin Jenner finally has “the surgery,” Abigail Breslin opens up on social media about date rape in lieu of the legal system, Melania Trump is legally not a prostitute, Clay […]

  • LMOE #82 – Non-Denominational Egg Hunts?

    Sound guy Brian somehow didn’t save last week’s amazing episode, but he’s back and sober enough to remember to hit “save” at the correct time as Lex and Matt discuss […]

  • LMOE #81 – Russian Raccoon Rentals?

    Lex and Matt descend upon Rocco’s Tavern in Studio City to hammer the week’s most pressing topics: Kesha losing in court again instead of making good music, Scott Disick’s sex […]

  • LMOE #80 – Pam! Right In the Assange

    Lex and Matt discuss Justin Bieber being a dick to his fans like we all wish we could do, Snoop Dogg’s fake shooting of a fake Trump, Mama June’s hotness, […]

  • LMOE #79 – A Podcast Without a Woman

    It’s the day of the Day Without a Woman protest, or strike, or walk-out, or whatever. Lex and Matt are back at Rocco’s Tavern to explore this, Beauty and the […]

  • LMOE #78 – PricewaterhouseBloopers

    Never mind that Best Picture fuck-up at the Oscars, what’s with them bringing a three-strike felon on stage? Matt joins Lex and his gender-neutral child, Bobby, at Rocco’s Tavern in […]

  • LMOE #77 – Playboy Remembers Their Roots

    Are we supposed to pretend like that year-long stint of titless Playboy never happened? Lex and Matt are joined by radio personality Jake Dill at Rocco’s Tavern to discuss this […]

  • LMOE #76 – A Podcast Without a Woman

    Women are mad as hell and they’re gonna…well, do nothing, someday… Lex and Matt are back at Rocco’s Tavern to make fun of this, as well as Lady Gaga’s fake […]

  • LMOE #75 – Don’t Fight With Crazy

    Lex and Matt are back at Rocco’s Tavern to talk about Matt Barnes and Derek Fischer’s hate-fest, the British Medical Association claiming it’s discriminatory against trans and intersex people to […]

  • LMOE #74 – Homeschool Shooter!

    Some mom in Utah will be doing time for doing high schoolers, Shia LeBeouf’s crazy performance art political protest something-or-other, Matt’s lesson to us all on the meaning of intersex, […]