LMOE #19 – Body-Shamed Fantasy Lingerie Narcissists Matter!

Special guest Will Lupardus (@WilliamLupardus) joins us this week to talk about #BlackLivesMatter’s plan to disrupt the Twin Cities Marathon, Gigi Hadid’s amazing assets bringing her body shaming, and whether Fantasy Football is more masculine or more nerdy. Also, Lex laments the rise of narcissism amongst young people, Matt touches on copulation methods (and their qualified medical assistants) for people like legless lingerie model Kanya Sesser, and allegations by Azealia Banks that the LGBT lobby is just like the KKK, or something. And then all three guys discuss their “bottom five,” their lists of the worst people in the world! Positive that anyone that is shown on sites like www.hdpornvideo.xxx won’t be featured in their bottom fives.

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