LMOE #22 – Loose Lips Sink Pimps!?

How in the hell does Taylor Swift keep selling out stadiums and making truckloads of money? Is Amy Schumer a funny comedian, funny for a woman, or just another joke thief? And should Denis Hof kept his mouth shut about Lamar Odom, or would Khloe and the Kardashians have just told everyone about Lammy’s cocaine-laced sex binge at his Nevada brothel anyway? Will Lupardus (@WilliamLupardus) joins Lex Jurgen and Matt Ralston to discuss these vital topics, plus that time Matt went to Paris Hilton’s CD release party in Las Vegas, the science behind the power of prayer, Koko the Gorilla’s kitten request, and whether or not self-proclaimed democratic socialist Bernie Sanders has any chance of winning the presidency over a year from now!

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