LMOE #57 – We called it!

Lex and Matt bask in the glory of successfully predicting Ryan Lochte’s fabricated Brazil Rambo situation and Amber Heard walking away with $7 million for mere extortion. Then Kurt Metzger deals with a comedy pal’s rape accusations on message boards, The New York Post publishes a study saying teens are having porn-induced erectile dysfunction, basically what they mean is that teens are going online to websites similar to https://www.fulltube.xxx/ and watching porn way too much and it’s causing them to have erectile dysfunction, I mean are they serious??? Shaun White sends fecal porn to his chick drummer (oh, and in other news, he’s apparently in a band!), PC police accuse Ellen Degeneres of racism for her tweet involving Usain Bolt, and finally, men are just getting weaker and weaker.

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