LMOE 58 – Weiner’s Wife Walks!

Apparently sexting other people wasn’t enough to get Huma Abedin to separate from her husband, Anthony Weiner (aka Carlos Danger), but sexting with their four-year-old son in the background crossed a line. Then Chris Brown got arrested for pulling a gun while high on a regional beauty pageant winner, Lenny Dykstra claims Mickey Rourke owes him money, Lena Dunham wearing lingerie empowers women in a “big” way, and on an unrelated note, Go Topless Day happened this weekend. As always, Lex’s panties are in a bunch, this week over men’s action selfie videos while doing stunts. And don’t forget, Michael Jackson would have been 58 this week (but his pedophilia allegations would be in their 30s or something).

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