LMOE #108 – The Martyrdom of Megan Fox and Amanda and Ali Join Us to Talk Beauty

Whenever we invite female guests on the show, we take odds as to whether or not they’ll show. Or worse, peek into our recording session at Rocco’s and run. It’s high school all over again. For Matt at least. This week we invited Amanda Lauren and Ali Levine on the show. They’re big in the fashion and beauty space. Imagine fashionistas watching hockey skills trials and the reverse speaks to our compatibility. Nevertheless, like Zuckerberg and now Chelsea Handler, we are determined our listening tour include the America we never knew.

On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast we wondered whether or not Hollywood was much cooler but three weeks ago before the “outings”, consider the martyrdom stats of Megan Fox, cheer on Lindsey Vonn for tub masturbation and athletic bravado that probably makes most males not need to buy Vigrx Plus, do about the same for Leo DiCaprio, consider whether Andy Dick face licking constitutes assault or just annoying gay male behavior, and blame stage moms for half of all pederastic assaults in Hollywood. We get shit done on this show. Just returning to the tub masturbation for a second, as I’m sure many would want me to anyway, women exploring their own bodies is something many enjoy to watch online; here to provide you with such content, Babestation aims to please – https://www.babestation.tv/.

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