And we’re back. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Also, a great time to cheat on your significant other, feel guilty, and pretend to be fonder upon their return. Guilt is a wonderful human emotion, easily twice the power of affection.

On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast we dive into Nicole Eggert claiming Chachi blasted her prior to her eighteenth birthday unwillingly, blame game the hell out of the Larry Nassar gymnast kids, battle over Jen Selter’s hot ass airline battle, lament James Franco being erased from magazine photos as the fate of all future men, label all the latter day Woody Allen movie actor regretters as hypocritical losers, and wonder why the hell no news outlet is willing to mention that Kim Kardashian bought a baby and doesn’t deserve kudos for having a stellar fake postpartum naked hot body. Ah, I missed this shit.

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We have always lived in a world where he who carries the biggest stick wins. Only it’s no longer he. And the stick is media sycophancy and the proper hashtag. You can’t blame rich ladies in Brentwood for comparing themselves to blatantly exploited migrant female farmworkers.

Everybody takes what they can get. Greedy powerful men apparently like making women watch them shower. Opportunistic wealthy actresses like making the world see them as victims. We all have our defects.

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On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast, we delve into the fundraising efforts of multi-millionaire actresses, unveil the shitty new plan to pay women more in Iceland just because, postmortem CNN’s gay cruise variety hour of New Year’s Eve, put the nail in the Terry Crews anti-masculinity coffin, wonder why it’s cool for a female comedian to kick all men out of her show, try to figure out who the hell Logan Paul is, and lament how 2018 isn’t going to suddenly make idiots in this world any smarter. We cover a ton.