LMOE #118 – Roided Up Chick Wrestlers Shall Lead the Way

Sometimes you wonder if you can possibly imagine what the world will be like in another twenty years. Did you have any clue what life would be like today back in 1998? Outside of Al Gore who is spotless in his long term predictions, you probably turned out to be wrong about almost everything. If you predicted twenty years ago that this week we’d have a three-time Girls Wrestling Texas State champion who identified as a boy and was allowed testosterone to the levels to dominate her competition, you’d have laughed. Or cried. Or maybe you didn’t care about Girls Wrestling outside of the WWE like the rest of us.

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On this week’s Last Men on Earth Podcast we explore this Mack Beggs full nelson, wonder when the hell comedians all moved into culturally safe, majority opinion material, anticipate the release of the next 9,457 female driven TV shows and movies coming this March, discuss whether or not we’d even want to live in the female-only African wasteland commune of Umoja, Matt unleashes some thinly veiled Seacrest hate, and I end on a happy note with school shootings in Florida. With Garrison Keillor under civilian sexual harassment arrest, we’re all you’ve got.

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