Month: September 2018

  • LMOE #135 – Brett Kavanaugh Raping the 80’s

    And now you find yourself in ’82 The disco hotspots hold no charm for you Yeah, this was bound to happen. The 36-year old career blocking sort of rape sort […]

  • LMOE #134 – Serena Williams Muscle-Bound Brat

    I always joke about how this episode is going into the Smithsonian. None of these episodes are headed for official government or museum archives. But somewhere I like to think […]

  • LMOE #133 – Louis C.K. Untugged

    The benefit of a modern digital and omnipresent media is the ability to know the sick and disturbing truths about anyone and anything we once held dear. Wait, I meant, […]

  • LMOE #132 – Asia Argento #SheToo

    Of course, certain stories just drop right into your lap like exotic dances on the make. When Asia Argento and her sisters armed with venom at the seedy Hollywood system […]