LMOE #134 – Serena Williams Muscle-Bound Brat

I always joke about how this episode is going into the Smithsonian. None of these episodes are headed for official government or museum archives. But somewhere I like to think Larry Flynt is burying time capsules full of his era’s most obscene content and we’ll be Saran-wrapped next to Jugs. Dare to dream.

On this week’s episode we delve into the Serena Williams bicep bulging U.S. Open meltdown and how nobody in the media is allowed to mock her tantrums, touch on Norm McDonald playing the shit out of the outraged class, discuss censorship in scientific research based on activist group threats, Matt kind of defends the Dine and Dash serial stick-it to female dates guy, we wonder if Miss America pageant could become any more pointless, and try to figure out why Cosby Show actor Geoffrey Owens is suddenly our nation’s most worthy charity case. It’s a lot, but we talk slowly because we’re hardly gifted.

In ourĀ Bonus Segment this week for Patreon members, we dive into the Title IX case in Michigan which finally allows guys on campus accused of rape to question the statements of their accusers, because quite impossibly, until now, they weren’t allowed to question their accusers. Amazing.

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