LMOE #137 – Ronaldo Steals Stink, Lindsay Lohan Arabic Kidnappings

It’s easy to assume the world is going crazy, because it is. Not in that slow, stepped way either. Nope, like overnight, that woman you knew as the helpful town pharmacist for 40 years is on the roof spraying bullets to stop the alien invasion. In that analogy, the world is the chunky lady with the AK-47. I’m not sure what the aliens are.

On this week’s podcast, we delve into what’s ailing this world, like the new California law forcing companies to put a quota of women on Boards, you know, to make up for slavery. Also, Cristiano Ronaldo Vegas anal rape allegations, Lady Gaga’s self-harming fan base harming the movie Venom, Lindsay Lohan speaking in a caricature Arabic voice trying to steal Syrian refugee children off the streets of Moscow and being punched, and Christian Bale in his latest and greatest fat-guy method role, as Dick Cheney in a movie you can’t figure anybody actually goes to see in the theaters.

And in our epicĀ Bonus Segment for Patreon Patrons, we get down and dirty into J.K. Rowling, faux diversity in Harry Potter, and why it’s okay to pick Asian women like Claudia Kim to play the pet snakes. It just is. But you have to listen.

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