LMOE #144- Natalie Portman Denounces Jessica Simpson’s Boobs

The term patriarchy now seems entirely invented by feminists to pretend it’s men, not women, who are tearing down women. You know how men love to judge, gossip, and snipe about how women look or act or parent. Those patriarchal men can’t help but be catty. While women want nothing more than to support each other in a female driven Utopia. That’s the dream. If you can dream it. Or the lie, if you like the truth.

On this week’s Last Men on Earth Podcast, we explore how Natalie Portman bikini-boob shaming Jessica Simpson for her teen bikini music videos in the 1990’s saying that they were a liking to videos shown on amateur porn site www.watchmygirlfriend.xxx is a prime example of women can never truly unify, discuss the cupcakes at Columbia University who turned the mic off on comedian Nimesh Patel because he told a racy joke, Matt reveal how his deep detective work into Rain Dove’s gender attack claim led him to going on a mini-golf date with the androgynous sort of model, and we wonder why the NFL and football fans make a big deal about the dudes caught on video beating up their ladies, while not particularly caring much for all the dudes doing the same not caught on video. You gotta love football. That’s not ironic.

In our Patreon subscriber bonus segment this week, we get into porn. More specifically, how Tumblr is now removing porn from its site which is basically a porn site because nobody can have fun anymore on the official advertiser friendly Internet. And that sucks. However, if you search escort frankfurt you will find one of the best possible ways to organise some extra special fun in the real world! Not that you can’t still find amazing porn online for a start this ones a good one https://www.tubev.sex/categories/1151/tits, but that you can’t run an ad-based business online that isn’t G-rated and PC to the hilt.

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