LMOE #148 – R. Kelly Sweet Smell of Relief

LMOE #148 – R. Kelly Sweet Smell of Relief

Today was the day I think we finally said something meaningful. I can’t be sure. 147 practice runs and finally, there may be an ounce of wisdom in today’s show. It’s not as easy being profound as people on Twitter and motivational speaker tapes and Oscars speeches make it out to be. Most people say dumb shit most of the time. And we’re above average in the rankings. But today, oh boy oh boy.

On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast, we discuss Democratic party donor and party drug watcher of dead rent boys, Ed Buck, delve into the R. Kelly “he did what?” hypocrisy, opine as to Ashley Graham’s theory that having sex makes everything better in relationships, we debate the benefits of separating social media platforms into one for Safe Spacers and one for fully-functional adults, try to figure out who the hell might watch The Masked Singer, and end with Matt’s weird insistence that all doctors are freaky creepy perverts. All in a day’s work.

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