LMOE #149 – Toxic Masculinity Don’t Need No Razors

LMOE #149 – Toxic Masculinity Don’t Need No Razors

Here’s an idea. Put out a tremendous simpleton and cynical sermon on social morality and when people label it simpleton and cynical, declare their defensiveness to be a certain sign that you were right. How long have you been beating your wife, Mr. Man? It’s okay to hate the world. Or at least Gillette and their stamped out safety razors.

On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast we dive man-head first into that moronic and incredibly obvious Gillette “The Best Men Can Be” short film, discuss Mariah Carey’s assistant’s lawsuit for tit humiliation, Matt and I argue over the racism level of the NFL and how Colin Kaepernick came to be the large-living version of Malcolm X, we talk about the case of the Butch Lesbian suing Chili’s for suggesting she dress in women’s clothing, and I try to ridicule Matt for his article slamming people who love their dogs too much. I’m not sure how that goes, but I’m giving myself a perfect ten like that midget girl from UCLA on the floor exercises.

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