LMOE #153 – Deadnaming, Naked Professors, and Bezos Peen

LMOE #153 – Deadnaming, Naked Professors, and Bezos Peen

Do you ever look around this world and think to yourself, man, I’m glad Ol’ Dirty Bastard died before he had to see all of this shit? No. Me neither. Though it’s hard not to reminisce about a time when political correctness was roundly mocked and scolded, rather than the practical law of the land. The return of all types of tribunals has not served this planet well.

On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast we accept the fact that Terry Crews played his ball cupping into a brilliant career upgrade; wonder why it’s not racist to blatantly deride white people, a common hobby of modern media; overly analyze Jeff Bezos’ penis; wonder when feminists will stop taking off their clothes and pretending it’s going to teach men a lesson; surmise that young journalists have absolutely nothing interesting in their lives to write about these days; try to figure out how Carson Daly had a show on for 17 years despite nobody ever watching; and wonder aloud what will happen to a world where we arrest people for misgendering the transgendered and trying to pretend science matters. Ol’ Dirty Bastard. So glad he doesn’t have to witness this collapse.

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