LMOE #155 – Hollywood’s Hot Women Rise Against

LMOE #155 – Hollywood’s Hot Women Rise Against

I don’t know how your town or industry works, but here in Hollywood, a hot girl with an amazing body can’t catch a break. Blonde beauties like Brie Larson and steamy hot busty Latinas like Salma Hayek struggle share a bond of oppression previously only know by Southern sharecroppers and the embattled Hmong people of the central California valley regions. Thoughts and prayers, ladies. Be strong.

On this week’s Last Men on Earth Podcast we dig into the systemic bias against bodacious hotties like Salma Hayek, compare Brie Larson’sCaptain Marvel to an empowering high school assembly, wonder how anybody could call you outrageous for thinking Michael Jackson a sex criminal, plunge into false campus rape hysteria, Matt gleefully roots for Johnny Depp in his lawsuit against his former lesbian wife, and we wonder why any of that matters since moms are now refusing to vaccinate their children due to Facebook shared information from other mental moms. Do you know what MMR stands for? Well, learn it, because we’re all about to die from it, again.

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