LMOE #156 – Cardi B Robbing and Whoring

LMOE #156 – Cardi B Robbing and Whoring

The better part of having a show like the Last Men on Earth podcast is knowing exactly how to respond to any app tool asking if your content contains explicit language. YES. Though you might think it odd that the presence of adult language remains of utmost concern to publishers in 2019, what with fake news, data theft, the willful distribution of crass commercialism and idiocy parading as clickable content, and war in 37 nations as we speak. But, yes, fuck, and shit and piss still seem to be the great correlation to modern civilization horror.

On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast, Matt and I try to solve the political riddle of Jussie Smollett’s radical release, examine just how messed up it is nobody cares that Cardi B used to drug and rob her johns, how anybody thought Michael Avenatti was anything but a sleazy broken gumdrop of a man, the ill-essence of privileged people over-buying their kids into elite colleges, applaud Robert Kraft fighting his rub and tug arrest, explore Matt’s NBA plan to help out sad-sack small media market teams, and fight for the God-given trailer park right of Mama June to have her abusive boyfriend back in her home. It’s a lot. Enjoy it all with crackers.

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