LMOE #158 – Powerlifting T’s and Burkini Arousal

LMOE #158 – Powerlifting T’s and Burkini Arousal

Nothing says kiss-ass like a men’s media outlet putting together a woman’s edition. There’s the obligatory celebration of Serena Williams and a chick in Pakistan who was murdered for trying to attend a typing class The two hero stories being largely interchangeable. Matt and I decided to take a different tact for our annual women’s edition by focusing on some really appalling stories of feminist overload overkill. Not everybody can be as woke as GQ or Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast, we delve into feminist speaker Roxane Gay’s claim that WNBA games routinely sell-out thanks to underreported lesbian fan support, Natalie Portman’s claim that meat-eaters consume eggs and milk as a sign of misogynist domination, question the validity of Luke Walton’s sex assault accuser choosing to skip police involvement and go straight to a personal injury attorney lawsuit, wonder who might be fondling themselves to SI’s ballyhooed burkini clad Muslim swimsuit model, figure out if leggings criticism is really coming from the totalitarian patriarchy or merely catty women, and try to applaud the dude who claimed he’s a woman and dominated every single powerlifting event this past week.

Also, we run through Matt’s new book on Amazon: Hide This From Your Wife.

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