LMOE #159 – Amy Schumer Pump and Dump

LMOE #159 – Amy Schumer Pump and Dump

It’s harder for Matt and I to get together these days, what with my running a shelter for runaway teen girls who are height-weight proportionate and hate their fathers, and Matt’s multiple ankle-bracelets and restrictive curfews. So when we do meet up, we try to make it count with insightful comments, wise analysis, and profound thoughts. I mean, we would do that if we could, but we can’t, so we slather on the bullshit and add a few exclamation points to make it seem official.

On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast, we dive into the tormented life of Amy Schumer as Gaia figure to child, wonder who Ashley Graham’s even more corpulent sister is supposed to inspire in burlap sack bathing suit promos, question the legitimacy of Taylor Swift calling people sexist for asking her if she wants children someday, wonder whether STEM programs for girls are truly working if they’re now masking them as art classes for girls so girls will pay attention, remain confounded by the WNBA and its sycophants insisting it’s as good as the men’s sport, mock people who are now dying atop Everest waiting for Sherpas to guide them down the busy mountainside, and further mock Drake for being a Raptors fan with Warriors players’ tattoos on his body. It’s 90-minutes of pure verbal exhilaration slash diarrhea. You can’t miss this.

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