LMOE #161 – Yang Gangs, Bang Gangs, and Chelsea Hooligans

LMOE #161 – Yang Gangs, Bang Gangs, and Chelsea Hooligans

Coming off my audio failures this week, I put extra effort into being profound, on-topic, and thoughtful — or, none of the things that come naturally to me. Meh, too much work. It’s like the frog and the scorpion porn clip where the girl dressed up as the frog tries to figure out why the dude scorpion put his thing in her. Some things in life are better left as mysteries.

On this week’s Last Men on Earth Podcast, we mock Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump in equal measure, decide whether gay Pride needs a full-month victory lap, talk about Chelsea Clinton, but mostly as a means to make sexist looks jokes, fear for the testicles of John Legend, consider the women’s pay gap in soccer even though it’s soccer which is even more inane than pay gap arguments, talk about Andrew Yang’s fruitless attempt to bring on-paper, detailed solutions to politics which prefers neither, and suggest that England’s ITV network insisting that all TV comedy writing teams be gender diverse is likely the death of comedy.

Stay with this one, it’s a helluva show.

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