LMOE #162 – Game of Moans

LMOE #162 – Game of Moans

Matt and I get a lot of heat for our irregular podcast recording schedule of late. But if you knew the difficulty arranging venues and times between Matt’s ankle bracelet and school and park distance restrictions and my own rule about podcasting naked, you’d realize logistics can be tough. Only half of that is true. Give peace a chance.

On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast we delve into young hot chicks with faux modeling careers pretending their not in the sex business, dudes from CNN being fired for virulent anti-Semitic comments on their high school years Twitter accounts, the epitome of impotent self-importance demonstrated by a million indolent souls signing the Change.org petition to demand HBO re-do the final season of Game of Thrones, tranny fascism underway in Canada’s lady-parts hair plucking centers, a frank assessment of childless Millennial couples who routinely visit Disneyland, and a forecast of what life would really be like if men also had monthly menstrual cycles like the self-described braver gender. 

We take a week off from time to time, but we come back with 2 hours of awesome. Well, 30 minutes with 90 minutes of other. Better than Tarantino’s percentage. Now give us a dollar on Patreon.com to pay for our beer, and you may enter into heaven.

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