LMOE #166 – Lizzo Needs the Lipo

LMOE #166 – Lizzo Needs the Lipo

After an extended break where Matt and I each had plastic surgery to look like the other, like Face/Off, only with less straight actors, we are back and fully recharged for 2020. Our commitment to being called vile and offensive, though never wrong, remains intact. Also, my left testicle finally dropped, so that’s like a QuinceaƱera in your pants.


On this episode of Last Men on Earth, Matt and I discuss how women in power are just as horrible as men in power in the entertainment industry, wonder how exactly the WNBA business model supports economy-plus seats on flights, lament the fact that Elizabeth Warren can be hailed a feminist hero for faking offenses, discuss how horrible the Oscars are in every way imaginable, estimate the circumference around Lizzo’s best life, and mourn the loss of independent comedy in the media-sphere thanks to duopolistic overlords pushing vanilla content to the masses.

Among the reasons independent voices on the Internet are dying off is a lack of funding. I mean, that’s a bald-faced plea to become a patron of our show. Certainly, you’ll go on some list for when the bad people take over and look to genocide all the non-conformists, but you’ll be shot in the back with pride. Plus it’s only $1.50, you cheap bastard.