LMOE #168 – Amber Heard Lied, Kobe Died

LMOE #168 – Amber Heard Lied, Kobe Died

Matt and I are on a roll. Like Mahomes to Hill, and trust me, the pitcher and receiver analogy is perfect. I’m Mahomes. Fuck it, the Niners should’ve won. I’m going to make Hill pay tonight.

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On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast, we dive into the hard landing of Kobe Bryant who Matt wished dead on tape two years ago, though he gets bonus points for calling Amber Heard a liar two years ago on wife abuse charges, we explore Harvey Weinstein’s micro-penis, tell you the truth about Meghan Markle’s master plan, wonder if two Latina (Latinx!) moms pole dancing at the Super Bowel really constitutes female empowerment, and expose the woke narcissism that is Joaquin Phoenix.

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