Author: Rip Ashbury

  • LMOE #168 – Amber Heard Lied, Kobe Died

    On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast, we dive into the hard landing of Kobe Bryant who Matt wished dead on tape two years ago, though he gets bonus points for calling Amber Heard a liar two years ago on wife abuse charges, we explore Harvey Weinstein's micro-penis, tell you the truth about Meghan Markle's master plan, wonder if two Latina (Latinx!) moms pole dancing at the Super Bowel really constitutes female empowerment, and expose the woke narcissism that is Joaquin Phoenix.

  • LMOE #167 – The Internet Is For Porn

    Now that Matt and I are shitting out content on a regular schedule, it's time to consider your patronage of this blessed audio work. Where would the world be without the De Medici family-supporting Michelangelo? Or George Soros supporting transnational sex workers? The bare, naked, honest, and horrible truth needs benevolent patrons as well.

    Support the Last Men on Earth podcast with your couch change, you glorious motherfucker.

  • LMOE #166 – Lizzo Needs the Lipo

    After an extended break where Matt and I each had plastic surgery to look like the other, like Face/Off, only with less straight actors, we are back and fully recharged […]

  • LMOE #128 – Gay Conversion Sleep-away Camp

    Sometimes I wonder if two half-breeds with poor work habits can actually save this gaseous spinning orb. Then I remember that’s the precise winning character formula of every space opera […]

  • LMOE #88 – Rolling Stone Dies a PC Death

    Lex and Matt are back to Rocco’s in Studio City after a week off as they tackle Kathy Griffin’s Trump stunt, a sportswriter fired for a tweet about the Japanese […]

  • LMOE #87 – Caitlyn Jenner Kills Caitlyn

    As if mommy bloggers weren’t already the most annoying people on social media, one had to up the ante and give birth on Facebook Live. Lex and Matt head back […]

  • LMOE #86 – Porn Stars Faking Shark Attacks, What Next?

    Can a Florida man prove his innocence by whipping out his cock? With the success of sites like HD Porn Movies (open coupled with the already popular sites like […]

  • LMOE #85 – Ashley Graham Full Yam Show

    Who does V Magazine think the target audience for Ashley Graham’s nude photos is? Lex and Matt dive deep into this and Rosie O’Donnell nakedly chasing her teen daughter around […]

  • LMOE #84 – When Tess Holliday Calls You Fat….

    Fat Tess Holliday fat shames her fat Uber driver, Emmanuel Macron married the teacher who raped him and nobody cares, Brie Larson is full of shit, Abigail Breslin keeps talking […]

  • LMOE #83 – Jenner’s Jettisoned Junk

    Caitlin Jenner finally has “the surgery,” Abigail Breslin opens up on social media about date rape in lieu of the legal system, Melania Trump is legally not a prostitute, Clay […]