Sometimes I wonder if two half-breeds with poor work habits can actually save this gaseous spinning orb. Then I remember that’s the precise winning character formula of every space opera ever. So Matt and I persist. Not because we must, but because we long ago forgot where the door is.

On this week’s Last Men on Earth Podcast, we wade hip deep into the latest bit of Sacha Baron Cohen shtick exposing how stupid old white people are pretty much stupid, old, and white, consider the fact that gay conversion camp films like Boy Erased are made for Oscar consideration, not narrative quality, wonder why a Chinese-American director decided only he can tell the Thai cave boy story, laugh even more at Terry Crews for MeTooing himself onto the Asia Argento support letter fo the Times, and consider the mathematics behind transgender activists insistent than only transgender actors can portray transgender characters in movies and TV. I think we talk for like four beers.

Also, bonus content for our Patreon fans, Panties in a Bunch, wherein we talk about the slippery slope danger of felony hate crimes being attached to all these drunk old topless racist curmudgeons in the park. For whom the bell tolls, and all that line of thinking. Be sure to listen. This will be on the quiz.

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Lex and Matt are back to Rocco’s in Studio City after a week off as they tackle Kathy Griffin’s Trump stunt, a sportswriter fired for a tweet about the Japanese Indy 500 winner, Jamie Foxx’s high school sex life, Tiger Woods’s fade, Rolling Stone calling the Manchester Ariana Grande bombing “misogynistic,” how Wonder Woman became an idol among Hollywood women, and Ashley Graham’s big, fat segment on Steve Harvey’s show before the Fire Marshall shuts us down

As if mommy bloggers weren’t already the most annoying people on social media, one had to up the ante and give birth on Facebook Live. Lex and Matt head back to Rocco’s Tavern in Studio City to probe this subject, plus the sudden unpopularity of the name Caitlyn (thanks, Jenner…), Gabourey Sidibe’s precious double-shaming allegation, female airplane cup pissings, and Steve Harvey’s unexplainable success. Plus, Matt explains the problems inherent in a sports league where everyone’s having sex with one another (okay…the WNBA), and Lex talks with his gender fluid child about why his panties are in a bunch this week.

Can a Florida man prove his innocence by whipping out his cock? If nobody cares about your public breastfeeding, are you really a hero? And did you hear about that shark attack on a porn star, the one who stars in adult movies like you’d find on Lex Jurgen and Matt Ralston have a rousing discussion on these topics as well as Emma Watson’s MTV Awards speech, Robert DiNiro ranting about Trump, the crazy shit that goes on at Diddy’s house, and George Michael’s last boyfriend.

Who does V Magazine think the target audience for Ashley Graham’s nude photos is? Lex and Matt dive deep into this and Rosie O’Donnell nakedly chasing her teen daughter around with a wine bottle, Mark Zuckerberg’s “listening tour,” selling murderers’ cars, Fox News sexual harassment house-cleaning, the dumbass models blindly promoting the disastrous FyreFest, and Lonzo Ball’s dad milking him for all he’s worth.

Fat Tess Holliday fat shames her fat Uber driver, Emmanuel Macron married the teacher who raped him and nobody cares, Brie Larson is full of shit, Abigail Breslin keeps talking about rape without evidence, Serena Williams does some weird baby stuff, Caitlyn Jenner’s resemblance to Sound Guy Brian’s pizza, and Facebook Live murders and social media’s implications about society at large. As always, recorded live at Rocco’s Tavern in Studio City.

Caitlin Jenner finally has “the surgery,” Abigail Breslin opens up on social media about date rape in lieu of the legal system, Melania Trump is legally not a prostitute, Clay Adler joins the ranks of now-dead ex-MTV reality show stars, Matt explains overrated people and things in his new segment, Lex’s panties are in a bunch about David Schwimmer, and of course, United Airlines out-does Pepsi.

Sound guy Brian somehow didn’t save last week’s amazing episode, but he’s back and sober enough to remember to hit “save” at the correct time as Lex and Matt discuss that outrage-inducing Pepsi ad with Kendall Jenner, Lena Dunham losing weight and therefore selling out, why David Spade gets so much tail, Rupert Sanders claiming his artistic inspiration came from nailing Kristen Stewart and wrecking his marriage, how Pam Anderson and Julian Assange are definitely still fucking, Brits dropping “Easter” from the name of their egg hunt, and that Funny Or Die video about why men should pay for pap smears or some damn thing.

Lex and Matt descend upon Rocco’s Tavern in Studio City to hammer the week’s most pressing topics: Kesha losing in court again instead of making good music, Scott Disick’s sex addiction, how funny Chelsea Handler is, the marital and ethical strains caused by your wife fucking a middle schooler, a women-only table read of “Juno,” Alejandra Campoverdi’s Maxim photos and fake Streisand Effect attention bait, and…yeah, people are actually paying to rent raccoons in Russia.

Lex and Matt discuss Justin Bieber being a dick to his fans like we all wish we could do, Snoop Dogg’s fake shooting of a fake Trump, Mama June’s hotness, the Texas masturbation protest bill, Pamela’s Anderson’s…well, technically it’s poetry, for Julian Assange, and that Wall Street yuppie humping the statue of a little girl staring down the statue of a bull, prompting a discussion on rodeos in which our resident Wyomingite and sound engineer Brian wishes he thought of the pun “Dancing With the Steers” before typing this just now.