Never mind that Best Picture fuck-up at the Oscars, what’s with them bringing a three-strike felon on stage? Matt joins Lex and his gender-neutral child, Bobby, at Rocco’s Tavern in Studio City for a deep discussion on this and Emma Watson’s “Beauty and the Beast” feminist revision, ABC’s “When We Rise” miniseries on gay rights, that cheating HuffPo blogging marathoner, intentional fatness for body positivity, and more transexual toilet talk.

Are we supposed to pretend like that year-long stint of titless Playboy never happened?  Lex and Matt are joined by radio personality Jake Dill at Rocco’s Tavern to discuss this as well as Beyonce’s lack of musical talent, a bigger, fatter, “more inclusive” SI Swimsuit Issue, Canada’s ban on underage-looking sex dolls, how Emily Ratajkowski is the hottest annoying chick out there, the Day Without an Immigrant protest, fashion show bitchiness, and horrible people they secretly admire.

Women are mad as hell and they’re gonna…well, do nothing, someday… Lex and Matt are back at Rocco’s Tavern to make fun of this, as well as Lady Gaga’s fake body shaming, lame Super Bowl commercials, “Dear White People” on Netflix, how the Duggars keep popping out babies, the struggle of being Madonna’s kid, and Matt explains how super rich guys like Johnny Depp can actually be broke asses.

Lex and Matt are back at Rocco’s Tavern to talk about Matt Barnes and Derek Fischer’s hate-fest, the British Medical Association claiming it’s discriminatory against trans and intersex people to say pregnancy is “a woman thing,” crazy Azealia Banks fighting with Rihanna, Kesha’s steady flow of Dr. Luke rape allegations, NFL Super Bowl ad censorship, and how fucked the Grammys are.

Some mom in Utah will be doing time for doing high schoolers, Shia LeBeouf’s crazy performance art political protest something-or-other, Matt’s lesson to us all on the meaning of intersex, Malia Obama’s internship, an SNL writer’s joke about Donald Trump’s son Barron that led to suspension and outrage, and #OscarsSoNoticeablyLessWhite

Ocean’s Eight is the latest installment in the all-female cast movie remake trend, Holly Sonders becomes golf’s Anna Kournikova, Matt explains why the future is going to suck, Joss Whedon’s violent anti-Republican fantasies, possibly the pussiest GoFundMe campaign yet, and then a cheerful discussion about Microsoft’s anti-porn employees and their psychological trauma after watching tons of bestiality and torture videos. Just another Thursday at Rocco’s Tavern with Lex, Matt, and Brian’s colorful drink selection.


The guys return to chat about Joseph Fiennes landing his dream role of…Michael Jackson?  Then Lola Kirke attends the Golden Globes without shaving her armpits because girl power or something, Kristen Stewart being a convenient lesbian, Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli getting banned from Twitter, Karlie Kloss teaching girls to write code, Lex’s experience getting cut off by Mancow on the air, and Matt explains why the hell Chris Brown isn’t in jail.
Recorded live at Rocco’s Tavern in Studio City


Lex and Matt have finally suppressed their holiday hangovers are are back at Rocco’s Tavern to talk about Superfly Snuka being too crazy to stand trial for murder, Ray Jay selling out or cashing in on the only reason why he’s famous, Joe Mixon’s knockout punch, that fake-ass toddler dresser crush rescue video, Caitlyn Jenner – makeup queen, and how a BBC show pushed the limits of comedy with a feature called “Real Housewives of ISIS”

Pitbull apparently had partnered with Florida’s tourism board, some women are convinced that not having kids constitutes environmental activism, and BuzzFeed holds an even “bigger” fashion show than Victoria’s Secret. Lex and Matt are back to yap about all this, plus a Politico reporter axed for an obscene tweet about Trump and his daughter, Piers Morgan calling out Lady Gaga and Madonna over their rape stories, the new Baywatch movie, and how Santa Claus’s viral news story about a kid dying his arms turned out to be fake.