Lex and Matt are back to talk about Johnny Manziel’s career hurdles, Serena Williams’ demands for equality in tennis, online virginity sales and whether the seller or the buyer is creepier, Santa body shaming fat kids, Sofia Vergara being sued by her embryos, Elizabeth Ruiz’s sex tape with Von Miller, and rapist Roman Polanski.

Recorded live at Rocco’s Tavern in Studio City, Los Angeles.


Another year, another Pirelli calendar that doesn’t seem geared toward its target audience. Then Lex and Matt look at Tom Cruise’s likeability and authenticity, Amber Heard talking about domestic abuse, Mariah Carey’s struggles with revenge, whether heirs are inherently winners or losers, and speaking of them, our new segment, The Game of Undeserving Winners, examines people who have absolutely no good reason for their commercial success.

Lex and Matt’s President-Elect Donald Trump hangovers have subsided long enough for them to talk about the protests, a christian blogger ending her marriage to come out as lesbian for Abby Wambach, Ashley Graham’s big, beautiful Barbie doll, Von Miller, Reggie Bush, and the The Ohio State University student who delivered a flying tackle to a college protestor in our new segements Idiot of the Week and Winner of the Week, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s baby exploitation, and how Gabby Douglas and Emmy Rossum have Lex’s panties in a bunch.

Lex and Matt are back at Rocco’s Tavern in Studio City to discuss Bud Light pulling their gender equality commercials in favor of more NFL ads, Ashley Graham’s fat glorification, the sexist and/or gay nature of the term “fuck boy,” Mila Kunis’s experience with sexism, how Matt hates Mariah Carey, Bill Cosby and his accusers, and how Time Magazine has Lex’s panties in a bunch over the presidential election.

Kim Kardashian makes millions selling herself; is this a symptom of the dumbing-down of society, or is she just gathering all the dumb people into one easily-recognizable place?  Lex and Matt probe this issue along with Byron Allen’s cable channel moneymaking strategy, Jamie Foxx’s sexuality and his down low romance with Katie Holmes, evidence-free rape accusers like Kesha and Derrick Rose’s FWB, Hillary Clinton’s tribal women voters, Selena Gomez in rehab and Demi Lovato cracking up again, whether Subway is liable for not telling Jared Fogle’s ex-wife that he was a creepy pedophile, and a Man Rules discussion regarding men and halloween costumes.

Number 1, as Donald “Donnie” Trump Jr. says, don’t say anything, or you’ll be labeled a “hater.” Number 2, as Leo DiCaprio has demonstrated, you just can’t be a rich playboy and a good social activist at the same time. Number 3, check out Lex Jurgen’s new book, “Man Rules – The Beginner’s Guide to Manhood” available on Amazon today! Wait, maybe, that should have been rule number 1 here.
Anyway, Lex and Matt discuss these important issues as well as men who get nose jobs, Christian Audiger’s frozen man juice, Peter Thiel, Mark Zuckerberg, and the fourth-grade mentality surrounding partisan politics, the comparative importance of ass-kissing and actually being funny if you’re a comedian, and is the percentage of women who have been sexually assaulted now officially 100%?

Lex and Matt return to Rocco’s Tavern to discuss how Donald Trump should be the dividing line for your male friends from this point onward, Birth of a Nation’s box office performance, the Bathrooms Accessible In Every Situation Act (BAbIES?), Derrick Rose’s rape lawsuit, what the hell Kesha’s medical records would show, Matt Hates NBC, Lex’s panties are in a bunch over creepy clown bandwagoners, and Lex brings up King Cairo in our new segment: “The Unlucky Bastard of the Week”

Special guest Retep of I Can’t Believe This Shit Podcast (@ICBTS_Podcast) drops by as Lex and Matt talk about makeup oppression, Arnold Schwarzenegger and his bastard son, and Kiefer Sutherland’s functional alcoholism in our new “Man of the Week” segment, the thin line between lesbianism and simply hating men, a University of Michigan pronoun protest, Derrick Rose’s super sexual trial, Joe Buck’s Hair Plug addiction and how that somehow made him lose his voice or some damn thing, and how Matt. Hates. Demi. Lovato.

We had to take a week off as our sound guy suffered a broken forearm in an incident he claims is curtain-related, but Lex Jurgen and Matt Ralston are back to talk about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s first presidential debate and the subsequent fat-shaming controversy, Knott’s Scary Farm being too offensive, Matt’s utter disdain for E.J. Johnson, Playboy’s struggle to stay relevant, Blake Griffin’s apology, Emma Watson and equality, and finally a deep dive into bisexuality.

Some people have a problem with a beautifully curvy woman teaching a class of fourth graders even if she doesn’t show a lot of skin. Then there’s the questions of Donald Trump’s medical history and Hillary Clinton’s medical current events, Tim Gunn’s concerns about too much titty in high fashion, the passing of trans pioneer Alexis Arquette, some super-entitled millennial at UCLA, and Kaia Gerber’s fake “Model of the Year” award. Just another afternoon at Rocco’s Tavern with Lex Jurgen and Matt Ralston!