Jeff Richards is our special guest this week as he and Matt Ralston try to pass Lex Jurgen’s Big Gay Quiz! They also discuss the recent spat between Vivica A. Fox and 50 Cent, and whether or not Fiddy’s claim that she licked his asshole is actually a gay comeback to gay allegations. Plus, is Pamela Anderson’s announcement of being Hep C-free inspiring or just gloating? Is there any #HopeForOurDaughters if their activism videos turn out like the one accompanying the Suffragette film marketing campaign? And of course, Starbucks’ antichrist cups, Larry David’s $5000 “Trump’s a racist” heckle on Saturday Night Live, and whether black presidential candidates like Ben Carson are immune from criticism by the mainstream media.

Is publicly quitting Instagram any different than desperately seeking attention on Instagram in the first place? Is there any easy way to handle transsexual high schoolers’ rights regarding locker rooms? And are there any possible Halloween costumes left that won’t offend some hypersensitive douche? Lex Jurgen and Matt Ralston are back after a Halloween bender to talk about these important issues, plus a Stanford student who got dumped and then claimed all sex with her boyfriend was nonconsensual, another sexist all-female movie remake, this time of “Ocean’s Eleven,” Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, the importance of Latino voters, and why in the hell Angelina Jolie Pitt keeps making movies.

Doesn’t Zooey Deschanel know the whole “celebrities giving their babies weird names” thing is wholly unoriginal at this point? Is the new all-women Ghostbusters movie empowering or sexist? And is Jeb! Bush’s campaign merchandise brilliantly unique or just desperate pandering in attempt to stay relevant? Lex and Matt explore these critical topics as well as unearned pay raises, Ruby Rose’s claim that gender is a spectrum, Police Chief Bratton cooking the crime stats, porn stars who date Charlie Sheen and if they deserve the inevitable disastrous consequences come their way, and whether Ronda Rousey’s attractiveness and your heterosexuality are inversely related.

How in the hell does Taylor Swift keep selling out stadiums and making truckloads of money? Is Amy Schumer a funny comedian, funny for a woman, or just another joke thief? And should Denis Hof kept his mouth shut about Lamar Odom, or would Khloe and the Kardashians have just told everyone about Lammy’s cocaine-laced sex binge at his Nevada brothel anyway? Will Lupardus (@WilliamLupardus) joins Lex Jurgen and Matt Ralston to discuss these vital topics, plus that time Matt went to Paris Hilton’s CD release party in Las Vegas, the science behind the power of prayer, Koko the Gorilla’s kitten request, and whether or not self-proclaimed democratic socialist Bernie Sanders has any chance of winning the presidency over a year from now!

Can the gender pay equality movement find a better spokeswoman than top Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence? Is Taylor Swift right to be upset with her boyfriend Calvin Harris for getting a Thai massage, or is it even cheating if it’s just a rub-n-tug without kissing? Lex Jurgen and Matt Ralston are back to discuss these pressing topics, as well as Campbell’s new gay soup marketing push, Zimbabwe declining to press charges on Walter Palmer (the dentist who killed Cecil the Lion), Playboy doing away with nudes and focusing on the articles, an open carry dildo protest at the University of Texas (#CocksNotGlocks) and whether #BlackNamesMatter!

Should Gerod Roth have been fired for his friends’ racist comments on his work selfie? Is it anyone’s business what Will Smith does for his kids’ hopes and dreams? Is Demi Lovato’s nude photoshoot for Vanity Fair supposed to be a big #empowerment piece for women just because she didn’t wear makeup? Join Lex Jurgen and Matt Ralston for a rousing talk about these topics, plus Kylie Jenner’s new ride (as in, she purchased an automobile), Eazy-E’s AIDS, and [TRIGGER WARNING] gun-related armchair activism. Also, Matt presents a special field report on Amber Rose’s SlutWalk in Downtown LA.

Special guest Will Lupardus (@WilliamLupardus) joins us this week to talk about #BlackLivesMatter’s plan to disrupt the Twin Cities Marathon, Gigi Hadid’s amazing assets bringing her body shaming, and whether Fantasy Football is more masculine or more nerdy. Also, Lex laments the rise of narcissism amongst young people, Matt touches on copulation methods (and their qualified medical assistants) for people like legless lingerie model Kanya Sesser, and allegations by Azealia Banks that the LGBT lobby is just like the KKK, or something. And then all three guys discuss their “bottom five,” their lists of the worst people in the world!

Was Ahmed Mohamed unfairly targeted for his homemade clock, or was he just screwing with his Texas school and the media? Can celebrities ever just screw up without blaming a previously-undiagnosed condition? Will black actors ever stop talking about oppression? Is there anyone left in Hollywood who isn’t gay or bisexual? Lex Jurgen and Matt Ralston attack these pressing topics, plus Alyssa Milano’s breastfeeding Nazis, the #revolution of #ThighBrows, and the #NewFace of #SocialActivism: retweeting for the cause (and reward points for concert tickets and prizes and stuff)!


Lex and Matt are back after a week off, and today they’re joined by special guest and comedian Pete Giovine!  

Should journalists straight up ask people like Tom Hardy if they’re gay? Was Emily Ratajkowski’s topless music video her worst gig ever? Do you even know who she is without us telling you she was in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video? This, plus a middle school dare gone criminally wrong, a fashion model with Down syndrome, a Floyd Mayweather retrospective, and a topless protest of a French Muslim conference on wife beating!


Were this year’s VMAs the worst ever, or is it just teen culture in general that’s awful? Is there a bias against women with fat asses, or is it just Nicki Minaj? We also discuss a pro wrestler’s murder charge, a herpes empowerment blog, Matt’s worst job, a literal, organized slut parade, and Caitlyn Jenner carrying the torch (not a euphemism).