One of the very premises of The Last Men on Earth podcast is that men are an endangered species. There is tons of scientific documentation to this effect, beyond even our pronounced random ramblings on the subject. Not so much men as people, but masculinity as a defining gender differential. The results may please a certain, rather ardent, boy-hating percentage of the population with undue influence on schools and the media, but overall, sort of a really dangerous bit of systemic eugenics. We obviously make fun of it. You have to laugh on your way out of existence.

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On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast we discuss said emasculation of the men of the American culture. transgendered suing Tinder for the right to swipe askance, the “salary parity” issue on The Crown, Hollywood’s latest moral me-too craze, the inclusion rider, how Katie Couric came to be hosting a panel on being Muslim in America, and me with my continued rant about the racial profiling done by the folks at Netflix’s One Day at a Time show. Take it in, take it all in, slowly.

Sometimes you wonder if you can possibly imagine what the world will be like in another twenty years. Did you have any clue what life would be like today back in 1998? Outside of Al Gore who is spotless in his long term predictions, you probably turned out to be wrong about almost everything. If you predicted twenty years ago that this week we’d have a three-time Girls Wrestling Texas State champion who identified as a boy and was allowed testosterone to the levels to dominate her competition, you’d have laughed. Or cried. Or maybe you didn’t care about Girls Wrestling outside of the WWE like the rest of us.

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On this week’s Last Men on Earth Podcast we explore this Mack Beggs full nelson, wonder when the hell comedians all moved into culturally safe, majority opinion material, anticipate the release of the next 9,457 female driven TV shows and movies coming this March, discuss whether or not we’d even want to live in the female-only African wasteland commune of Umoja, Matt unleashes some thinly veiled Seacrest hate, and I end on a happy note with school shootings in Florida. With Garrison Keillor under civilian sexual harassment arrest, we’re all you’ve got.

People in the 60’s always talk about the socially turbulent times. Imagine if they had social media back then to accelerate the spread of calls to action based on limited or intentionally obfuscated facts. That’s 2018. On the upside, far fewer people stapling rally leaflets to telephone poles. It’s all speed of hashtag bullshit pushed from cellphone to cellphone, lighting up the desire to be noble among generations of people who eschewed real service to community and country many years ago.

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On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast, we dive into predicting the timeline for Rose McGowan’s murder-suicide spree, wonder if chicks getting naked in men’s magazines truly is empowering for women, ask ourselves how long we would’ve kept working for a fat dude who made us stick needles into his dick, confirm that Africa is a shithole minus the massively advanced nation made-up for the MCU and Black Panther, I debunk the gender pay gap with use of The Rock’s abs, we lament that sophomore who walked out on Princeton to confirm the end of the use for college, and then there’s a whole bunch of badly outdated gay jokes I make at Matt’s expense. Standard episode, only the best one ever!

And we’re back. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Also, a great time to cheat on your significant other, feel guilty, and pretend to be fonder upon their return. Guilt is a wonderful human emotion, easily twice the power of affection.

On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast we dive into Nicole Eggert claiming Chachi blasted her prior to her eighteenth birthday unwillingly, blame game the hell out of the Larry Nassar gymnast kids, battle over Jen Selter’s hot ass airline battle, lament James Franco being erased from magazine photos as the fate of all future men, label all the latter day Woody Allen movie actor regretters as hypocritical losers, and wonder why the hell no news outlet is willing to mention that Kim Kardashian bought a baby and doesn’t deserve kudos for having a stellar fake postpartum naked hot body. Ah, I missed this shit.

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We have always lived in a world where he who carries the biggest stick wins. Only it’s no longer he. And the stick is media sycophancy and the proper hashtag. You can’t blame rich ladies in Brentwood for comparing themselves to blatantly exploited migrant female farmworkers.

Everybody takes what they can get. Greedy powerful men apparently like making women watch them shower. Opportunistic wealthy actresses like making the world see them as victims. We all have our defects.

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On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast, we delve into the fundraising efforts of multi-millionaire actresses, unveil the shitty new plan to pay women more in Iceland just because, postmortem CNN’s gay cruise variety hour of New Year’s Eve, put the nail in the Terry Crews anti-masculinity coffin, wonder why it’s cool for a female comedian to kick all men out of her show, try to figure out who the hell Logan Paul is, and lament how 2018 isn’t going to suddenly make idiots in this world any smarter. We cover a ton.

Every now and then a sage will rise in the world to bring a heavy dose of much needed truth. Paulina Porizkova calling unwanted attention from men a sign that you’re hot is pretty much as close as we get. She may not be right, but in a world where MeToo is actually considered a courageous expression, she’s at least super refreshing.

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On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast we explore Paulina’s oracle like thoughts, congratulate Anita Hill on her new purely symbolic Commission-hood, guess what kind of smack John Skipper liked most, Matt offers to adopted Keaton Jones, we re-offend Adrienne Lawrence because she’s pretty damn hot, kick Morgan Spurlock out of the tribe of men, and set out DVRs for that amazing new Amanda Knox gender bias TV show. It’s a lot to get to, which is why we drink during the show.

The best part about covering Hollywood insanity, irrationality, and hypocrisy for a living is the never ending supply of content. Maybe that’s like being a sportswriter. Always a new ballgame. In entertainment, there are always well-off idiots covering the self-interest and narcissism required to become a name with some junked up noble purpose. The pendulum swings dramatically in this town, from extreme to extreme with everybody pretending it’s normal. Thankfully so. What a bunch of yucks.

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On this week’s Last Men on Earth Podcast we delve into the obvious convenient ploy of Adriana Lima disavowing her life’s lingerie work, Bella Hadid tear jerking over Jerusalem, question why Sarah Silverman doesn’t understand her twattishness, wondered how old is too old to go punk rock on stage, realistically look at the Paz de la Huerta rape accusations gone South, question the lack of any kind of due process in sexual harassment firings, and wonder how we’d each be described in terms of jobs if we were arrested for being assholes on airplanes. Mostly we drink and eat pizza and this is what comes out.

If you live long enough, you will eventually see a chick singer named Timothy accuse her best friend and much hotter singer of a 72-hour bedroom breakdown dildo courtship against her will. That expression used to mean you’d live to see cars that fly and a cure for better period sex. Now, this is what you get.

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On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast, Matt and I once again break down the legitimacy of the latest entertainment industry sex crimes claims, praise Angela Magana for wanting women to be beaten to the point of brain damage, wonder if it’s not a good idea to scrub everything we’ve ever said or written online if we ever want real jobs, consider our own picks for Time Person of the Year, and agree with Sheryl Sandberg that women largely have fucked themselves professionally by declaring sexual harassment allegations war on men. Though not upper middle class college educated white women on the coasts, who will continue to milk the shit out of the current pendulum swing.

This week’s show introduced the Morrissey Challenge to the more recent insane number of sexual harassment claims coming out of L.A. and D.C. That is, as Morrissey implied, were these ladies victims of real threats or merely disappointed in how their deals with the devil turned out. I expect this Challenge to catch on, in truly politically incorrect circles. So not very far or wide.

On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast we delved into the more recent he-almost-touched-me claims including Natalie Portman’s soul robbing private jet story, wondered how much further before Lena Dunham hits rock bottom with a globular thud, questioned why nobody in the media calls sex rehab a massive farce, cried over Charlie Rose’s bare office dick, mocked Playboy’s decision to get big and floppy with their models, and then Matt got another chance to call Amber Heard a scheming whore. We also counted Johnny Depp’s Native American bracelets.

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Not only did we score with hotties actress Alex Rose Wiesel and TV news host Mary Kate Gaffney joining us on the show this week, we took the opportunity to score numerous alleged offenses of many Hollywood #MeToo ladies. This may be the most honest review of ass-finger and shrimp-masturbation tales out there. Who else would dare to touch such a subject? Maybe for good reason.

On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast we delved deep into the numerous alleged sexual harassment offenses of women in Hollywood, the H.W. teenaged Cop-a-Feeling, wonder how Kim Kardashian free passes her way into a baby shower with no fetus around, wonder who the first idiot chick will be to upload her nudes and sex photos to Facebook, and Matt tells some stories of male woe and misandry that will bring a tear to your man-power eye.

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