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  • LMOE #149 – Toxic Masculinity Don’t Need No Razors

    Here's an idea. Put out a tremendous simpleton and cynical sermon on social morality and when people label it simpleton and cynical, declare their defensiveness to be a certain sign that you were right. How long have you been beating your wife, Mr. Man? It's okay to hate the world. Or at least Gillette and their stamped out safety razors.

  • LMOE #148 – R. Kelly Sweet Smell of Relief

    Today was the day I think we finally said something meaningful. I can't be sure. 147 practice runs and finally, there may be an ounce of wisdom in today's show. It's not as easy being profound as people on Twitter and motivational speaker tapes and Oscars speeches make it out to be. Most people say dumb shit most of the time. And we're above average in the rankings. But today, oh boy oh boy.

  • LMOE #147 – Rambling Into 2019 with Louis C.K.

    If this were a Friends episode, it would be called The One Where Lex and Matt ramble on because it’s the New Year and also drinking beer. Though we’d have […]

  • LMOE #146 – SMILF GILF and Merry Fucking Christmas

    Before we get to our predictions for the coming year, Matt and I rounded out 2018 by dealing with some of the more profound issues facing our world. Dicks in […]

  • LMOE #145 – Mouncey Trouncey Women’s Handball

    If you don’t pay attention, changes in the world can pass you by without ever even noticing them. Though you’re likely to notice the 6’2″, 220 pound frame of Men’s […]

  • LMOE #144- Natalie Portman Denounces Jessica Simpson’s Boobs

    The term patriarchy now seems entirely invented by feminists to pretend it’s men, not women, who are tearing down women. You know how men love to judge, gossip, and snipe […]

  • LMOE #143 – Who’s Your Tranny?

    This week’s show as usual was dedicated to the outrage of the offended and the offenders as arbitrarily decided in this world by who shouts the loudest. Sometimes, you need […]

  • LMOE #142 – Amazon Tease Fest and GQ Panty Waists

    The world has turned upside down and all the Chinese people have fallen off. It’s our job to fix what is rotten on this planet with semi-literate commentary on the […]

  • LMOE #141 – #IAmSexist

    The entire premise of this little 100,000,000 audience strong Last Men on Earth podcast is that men are under siege in these times of feminist planet hijackings. As if women […]

  • LMOE #140 – Sarah Silverman Comes Up Spunky

    Moral outrage is directly proportional to the general number of skeletons in one’s closet. Normal people good with their soul compass don’t feel a need to lecture others on right […]