If you don’t pay attention, changes in the world can pass you by without ever even noticing them. Though you’re likely to notice the 6’2″, 220 pound frame of Men’s Handball Champ turned Women’s Handball Champ, Hannah Mouncey, as she barrels through female-born opponents like a hot, big-ass cleaver through butter. Awaiting feminist response as to what to do about the brutes turned dames quickly gobbling up women’s sports.

In addition to the Mouncey Trouncey factor, on this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast we select our LMOE Persons of the Year, kind of sort of defend Kevin Hart while pointing out rampant anti-gay material in black comics material, discuss Amy Schumer’s latest nauseating attempt to seem common and connected to regular people, and figure out that Harvey Weinstein is likely to get off on every single sex-charge he’s facing due to the quid pro quo nature of his relationships with every single woman he she-banged or bathed in front of. It’s a lot to process, but we have a second grade reading level, so it all evens out.

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There are two theories worth considered on an all-powerful deity above. One is that he allows idiocy and hypocrisy to thrive in the human population as a matter of live and let live Darwinism. The alternative, and far more depressing theory, is that God is watching The View and “go-girling” Joy Behar who he finds hilarious and insightful. If you happen to feel strongly it’s the latter, I wouldn’t blame you for jumping off this planet.

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On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast we discuss the possibility of starting our own sex cult because young actresses will fall for anything, delve into why Amy Schumer is the wrong kind of chubby for movies, explain why nobody in the media will cover the Hart lesbian mothers murder of their six adopted black children, expose the fact that the Time’s Up movement is largely a shallow Hollywood A-list actress clique, rip on Canada for being Canada, and so much more. Honestly, we talk for forever, or until they cut off our free drinks.