This week’s show as usual was dedicated to the outrage of the offended and the offenders as arbitrarily decided in this world by who shouts the loudest. Sometimes, you need to speak truth to power. Other times, you need to kick truth in the nuts to wake it up and remind all the ninnies and nincompoops that they’re essentially liars with bullhorns and friendly news networks.

On this week’s Last Men on Earth Podcast, we delve into the non-science of gender fluidity and how one high school in a trendy area of England now has dozens and dozens of young teens reporting they’re transgender, conquer the mystery of Teskahi69 and his intellectual intricacies, wonder what Lena Dunham’s ovaries smell like — probably cat good, Matt goes off on a beta male-she-beast couple in a Black Friday TV ad for GMC trucks, we both kind of agree we wanted the Christian missionary to die by arrows on that Indian Ocean island, and how can we not applaud Ellen Pompeo for asking all privileged Caucasians to stand up for non-Caucasians on movie sets? That’s rhetorical. You can’t not applaud.

In this week’s Patreon members bonus section, we discuss the inherent plight of Jordan Rodgers in publicly calling out his far more successful and stoic older brother, Aaron Rodgers. Is it even possible for the younger, loser brother to ever win these public battles?