LMOE #132 – Asia Argento #SheToo

Of course, certain stories just drop right into your lap like exotic dances on the make. When Asia Argento and her sisters armed with venom at the seedy Hollywood system and its even seedier players, you simply knew shoes would drop in all sorts of directions. Partly based on the fact Harvey Weinstein and his team of Mossad trained information assassins are on a scorched earth policy; and partly because everybody in this business is dirty. Finding sexual indiscretions and hypocrisy in the lives of entertainment industry veteran is like finding gambling in Casablanca. You need only look.

In addition to delving into how Asia Argento probably did push Anthony Bourdain over the bathrobe belt cliff, on this week’s podcast Matt and I get into the sad sack that is Terry Crews, Tekashi69’s plea to go by his kindly Hispanic birth name while in court, why older guys suddenly feel a need to explain to the world why they like younger women, laugh mostly at PETA’s latest animal campaign, talk Kelsey Grammer’s new pube slave tattoo, and question exactly what it might take to kill Lamar Odom to the death. It’s explicit. But explicit is good.

In our bonus segment this week for Patreon subscribers, we delve into Rosamund Pike’s baffling and attempting to be heroic story about refusing to show her body off in casting for a Bond movie. Everybody in town’s got a story. And in every story, they are amazing.

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