The benefit of a modern digital and omnipresent media is the ability to know the sick and disturbing truths about anyone and anything we once held dear. Wait, I meant, that’s the downside. The benefit is free porn. Easy to forget the distinction, even if it is the basis of our little weekly get-together on The Last Men on Earth.

On this week’s podcast we definitely and fairly deride John McCain, wonder whether truth matters at all in the making of a modern rape victim singer-songwriter, discuss who might be the arbiter of when #MeToo convicted offenders might be able to come back above ground, discuss the media’s overblown reaction to Hawaii’s volcano eruption and how they’re ruining everything, dare each to visit a sex doll brothel to have a poke at latex A.I., and play America’s hottest new game: who’s more despicable — Asia Argento or Rose McGowan? Hint, you can’t answer wrongly.

In our bonus segment for members of the show, we delve into Demi Lovato’s pill dealer’s rather brazen interview about¬†sex and Oxy with Demi on slow nights in the hills. It’s sickening. I mean, we are sickening, not a burned out former kid star drug addict and her gold medallion wearing connect getting it on. That’s quite beautiful. Check it out.

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