LMOE #133 – Louis C.K. Untugged

The benefit of a modern digital and omnipresent media is the ability to know the sick and disturbing truths about anyone and anything we once held dear. Wait, I meant, that’s the downside. The benefit is free porn that we can get on sites like https://www.videoshd.xxx/ easily. Easy to forget the distinction, even if it is the basis of our little weekly get-together on The Last Men on Earth.

On this week’s podcast we definitely and fairly deride John McCain, wonder whether truth matters at all in the making of a modern rape victim singer-songwriter, discuss who might be the arbiter of when #MeToo convicted offenders might be able to come back above ground, discuss the media’s overblown reaction to Hawaii’s volcano eruption and how they’re ruining everything, dare each to visit a sex doll brothel to have a poke at latex A.I., and play America’s hottest new game: who’s more despicable — Asia Argento or Rose McGowan? Hint, you can’t answer wrongly.

In our bonus segment for Patreon.com members of the show, we delve into Demi Lovato’s pill dealer’s rather brazen interview about sex and Oxy with Demi on slow nights in the hills. It’s sickening. I mean, we are sickening, not a burned out former kid star drug addict and her gold medallion wearing connect getting it on. That’s quite beautiful. Check it out.

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