LMOE #113 – Adriana Lima Cancels All Further Nudity

The best part about covering Hollywood insanity, irrationality, and hypocrisy for a living is the never ending supply of content. Maybe that’s like being a sportswriter. Always a new ballgame. In entertainment, there are always well-off idiots covering the self-interest and narcissism required to become a name with some junked up noble purpose. The pendulum swings dramatically in this town, from extreme to extreme with everybody pretending it’s normal. Thankfully so. What a bunch of yucks.

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On this week’s Last Men on Earth Podcast we delve into the obvious convenient ploy of Adriana Lima disavowing her life’s lingerie work, Bella Hadid tear jerking over Jerusalem, question why Sarah Silverman doesn’t understand her twattishness, wondered how old is too old to go punk rock on stage, realistically look at the Paz de la Huerta rape accusations gone South, question the lack of any kind of due process in sexual harassment firings, and wonder how we’d each be described in terms of jobs if we were arrested for being assholes on airplanes. Mostly we drink and eat pizza and this is what comes out.