LMOE #117 – Counting Down to Rose McGowan on the Clock Tower

People in the 60’s always talk about the socially turbulent times. Imagine if they had social media back then to accelerate the spread of calls to action based on limited or intentionally obfuscated facts. That’s 2018. On the upside, far fewer people stapling rally leaflets to telephone poles. It’s all speed of hashtag bullshit pushed from cellphone to cellphone, lighting up the desire to be noble among generations of people who eschewed real service to community and country many years ago.

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On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast, we dive into predicting the timeline for Rose McGowan’s murder-suicide spree, wonder if chicks getting naked in men’s magazines truly is empowering for women, ask ourselves how long we would’ve kept working for a fat dude who made us stick needles into his dick, confirm that Africa is a shithole minus the massively advanced nation made-up for the MCU and Black Panther, I debunk the gender pay gap with use of The Rock’s abs, we lament that sophomore who walked out on Princeton to confirm the end of the use for college, and then there’s a whole bunch of badly outdated gay jokes I make at Matt’s expense. Standard episode, only the best one ever!