LMOE #150 – Terry Crews Skins the Flute

LMOE #150 – Terry Crews Skins the Flute

You’d think after 150 episodes we’d rise above our sophomoric and juvenile antics and produce something of adult level quality and discourse. You’d think. Score one for consistency.

On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast we wonder aloud why not a single sports commentator is commenting on the ballooning body of Serena Williams, listen politely to Terry Crews play the flute, because of course he does, opine what a wonderful world this would be if all social media sniping and snarking was settled in the ring with fists, or maybe guns, Matt reveals he’s come down with Yellow Fever, Leslie Jones bitches about something or other because that’s her thing, we make pretend shock face at Bryan Singer underaged twink assault allegations, and we deliver some kind of speech about girls in high school doing rectum wrecking gang bang scenes because the guys are watching to much YouPorn. It’s all in a days work. Or two hours approximately, which if you’re lazy like us, is a day’s work.

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Enjoy your week, even if the government is shutdown and nobody can get penny stamps at the store.