LMOE #157 – The One With the Gay POTUS

LMOE #157 – The One With the Gay POTUS

America may now be evolved enough that we can have a completely immature discussion about what it might be like to have a sexually active gay President in the White House. Or would this ever happen? Is America ready for a male President who is crushing hard on Zac Efron?

In addition to discussing what may pass if Cory Booker becomes President, on this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast we dig deep into the hair follicle scents and sensibilities of Joe Biden, Matt openly hate on Kobe Bryant while I cry and listen to Dear Basketball, we discuss when it is a good thing that federal prosecutors trample over defendants’ rights (i.e. when Lori Loughlin may be taking showers in the Big House), and get hard for the L.A. Mayor chasing down the perpetrator of the Nipsey Hussle murder. It’s not every day a gangsta rapper gets shot dead.

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