LMOE #160 — The Unbroken

LMOE #160 — The Unbroken

One thing I’ve learned in life is to admit when you made a mistake, learn from that mistake, then beat your children to mask your feelings of shame. Everybody has their own plan. I did manage to delete the front half of the show and somehow have an audio software that rolls circa 1988 without auto-save or auto-recovery or “hey, you fucked up, now restore your file” as an option. Damn you, shareware!

Nevertheless, Matt and I recorded some incredibly meaningful conversations regarding female pilots in the cockpit (see where we land), the latest allegations involving Trump rape dick, the obviously foreseen failures of X-Men: Dark Phoenix and MIB4 at the box office, and the arrival of O.J. Simpson to Twitter (could this be a blessing in disguise?).

LMOE #160 is chocked full of goodness. What is dead can never die. Now give us a dollar on Patreon and show you truly do support the deviant arts.

I love you more than your parents ever did.