LMOE #172: Hollywood Pays Big Woke Bills

LMOE #172: Hollywood Pays Big Woke Bills

The boys are back in town again. I think because we don’t have vaccine passports we’re technically not allowed to leave. But beside the point. Matt and I got together at my mountaintop lair and recorded yet another Smithsonian archive level Last Men on Earth podcast episode. Someday we’ll get that Kennedy Center honor. Once all the cellists are dead.

In this week’s Last Man on Earth episode, we explore Chris Harrison’s $50 million dismissal from The Bachelor for improperly being a racial reactionary, put ourselves in the shoes of 1970’s University of Michigan linemen being fondled quite openly by the team doctor, explore the bowels of TikTok stardom, and objectively reviewed the Logan Paul, Floyd Mayweather fight for the shallow bit of circus nonsense designed for idiots that it was. Objectively speaking.

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We respect and admire you.