LMOE #140 – Sarah Silverman Comes Up Spunky

Moral outrage is directly proportional to the general number of skeletons in one’s closet. Normal people good with their soul compass don’t feel a need to lecture others on right and wrong. People who used to giggle and clap while Louis C.K. tugged one out on the living room couch tend to cover with lots of #MeToo tweets. It’s human nature. You can’t fight nature.

On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast we cover Sarah Silverman’s unappetizing reveal that she used to be Louis C.K.’s consensual fluff from across the room friend, debate how fair it is to label Kobe Bryant a sex offender despite never being convicted of any crimes, dive deep into tranny transgenders and their battle to be seen as women under Title IX, anoint Amy Schumer’s turning down Super Bowl ads she never received as the worst of slacktavism, and wonder why it’s coincidentally always bubble blonde waitresses who receive those mega tips for no good reason. Basically, everything you need to know to be informed around the water cooler at work and shortly thereafter, fired.

And in our Patreon signer uppers Bonus Content segment this week, we explore how the PC police are trying to ruin the perfectly slutty, drunk adult party holiday of Halloween. Don’t take away our hot nurses, por favor.