LMOE #141 – #IAmSexist

The entire premise of this little 100,000,000 audience strong Last Men on Earth podcast is that men are under siege in these times of feminist planet hijackings. As if women can fly. Just kidding. No I’m not. Make this stop. When we began the show a few years ago, it was mostly that. Never did we foresee that it would be a massive rise in soy males apologizing on behalf of their gender that would be dealing the fatal blow. Never underestimate the power of random people to disappoint you.

On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast, we dissect a NY Times essay by a man calling for all men to admit their sexists jerks by nature, question whether or not Ellen should keep writing fat fantasy checks to people she’s told have a year left to live, mostly laugh again at WNBA players comparing themselves to NBA players, wonder exactly what the drug dosage threshold is before a celebrity death from crank will be ruled something other than an accident, and delve into the dispute between Rebel Wilson and Black Twitter and how it might be all solved with coupons to the Golden Corral. That’s sexist and fat shaming merged into one yummy bite.

In our Panties in a Bunch bonus segment for Patreon members, we cover the 0-fer record of celebrity endorsements and apocalyptic promotions in this past week’s Midterm Elections. Oh, but they are losers in both the figurative and literal sense.