LMOE #165 – Making a Mountain out of Katie Hill

She-Congressman Gotta Have It

Young people will always be idiots in the eyes of older people because older people were once young and have the hindsight to see what idiot assholes they were. It’s the circle of life. This is why old people vote a ton and don’t give a shit that young people don’t. Also, they’re bored because they can’t figure out the Internet.

On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast, Matt and I explore the crotch-level depths of Congresswoman Katie Hill’s fall from disgrace, including that Germanic Iron Cross on her pubes, mock Lebron James because you have to, wonder if the Deadspin editorial staff is quite as bad-ass, noble, and speaking truth to power as they think, ponder business tools apps promoting LGBTQ activist content, disavow the entire wing of fake studies known as Social Science, and have the final answer as to why Terminator Dark Fate tanked at the box office.

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