LMOE #164 – Greta Thunberg Scold-a-thon

LMOE #164 – Greta Thunberg Scold-a-thon

It’s less often that Matt and I have the chance to sit down and really talk out our feelings. Like who’s a fucking moron, who deserves to be felled by a tetanus-ridden cleaver, and who is so hot you’d do it with her even if she had visible scabies rashes. It’s a real bearing of the souls.

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On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast, we delve into the tween maniacal musings of Greta Thunberg, the most annoying person to come out of Sweden since the last person that came out of Sweden, troll Ed Buck and his meth-injection sex fetish, explain why women crying at work is now being elevated to a sign of business excellence, talk needlessly about sexually ambiguous Ronson sibling DJs, assess the statistically anomaly that is gender-swapping preschools in Hollywood proper, and we talk Des Moines Register hit piece on that kid in Iowa who raised money for children’s hospital. All the good stuff that real news outlets would cover if they weren’t chicken-shit, mindless, and dry as your grandma. That seems cruel. All of it.

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