LMOE #170: The Sickly Covid Tapes

LMOE #170: The Sickly Covid Tapes

I’m not going to sugar coat this, we took a year off to hide under our couches with our various gendered fully-legal sex workers and came back and screwed up the audio recording on our very first try. I think it may be the long-term impact of Covid, even though neither of us had Covid. That’s how sinister the China virus is.

Nevertheless, if you care you care to give it a whirl, Matt and I dive into the Covid lifestyle, Elliot page cutting off her breasts, err, his breasts, in order to write a screenplay, Tess Holliday claiming to be the world’s first obese anorexic, SI Swimsuit diving faster toward bankruptcy with male models in its swimsuit edition, and Serena Williams next in a line of neverending self-serving documentaries about the struggles of being rich and famous and universally press-adored. It’s actually good shinola, if you can make it through the intense record lag pops on the track.

As always, we beg your indulgence for recording equipment and beer money via Patreon.com. Because our nation is at its best when it rewards failure.

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