LMOE #171: Bill Gates, Pussy Magnate

This is the one where we discuss why billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates can’t figure out until it’s too late they can have hot young trophy wives, Matt explains why baseball player Drew Robinson’s failed suicide was hardly heroic, we delve into Hollywood pretending to discover not a single member of the Golden Globes is black, and we wonder why women follow the likes of Chrissy Teigen for working mom and parenting advice. … Continue readingLMOE #171: Bill Gates, Pussy Magnate

LMOE #169 – COVID, Heard Dumps, and NBA SJW

On this week’s episode, we dive into our own personal pandemic stories, I force Matt to take a test “NBA Social Justice Slogan or Top Selling Rap Album Name”, we project the fate of noted pedo-pimp Ghislaine Maxwell, we wonder where NFL team name changes may end up after full slippery sloping, dive into the fecal details of the Depp and Heard melee, and end on a happy note praising Sports Illustrated for putting a dude who wanted to be a woman in a bikini onto their Swimsuit edition, finally. Banana Hammocks for all my friends! … Continue readingLMOE #169 – COVID, Heard Dumps, and NBA SJW

LMOE #168 – Amber Heard Lied, Kobe Died

On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast, we dive into the hard landing of Kobe Bryant who Matt wished dead on tape two years ago, though he gets bonus points for calling Amber Heard a liar two years ago on wife abuse charges, we explore Harvey Weinstein’s micro-penis, tell you the truth about Meghan Markle’s master plan, wonder if two Latina (Latinx!) moms pole dancing at the Super Bowel really constitutes female empowerment, and expose the woke narcissism that is Joaquin Phoenix. … Continue readingLMOE #168 – Amber Heard Lied, Kobe Died

LMOE #167 – The Internet Is For Porn

Now that Matt and I are shitting out content on a regular schedule, it’s time to consider your patronage of this blessed audio work. Where would the world be without the De Medici family-supporting Michelangelo? Or George Soros supporting transnational sex workers? The bare, naked, honest, and horrible truth needs benevolent patrons as well.

Support the Last Men on Earth podcast with your couch change, you glorious motherfucker.

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