LMOE #171: Bill Gates, Pussy Magnate

This is the one where we discuss why billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates can’t figure out until it’s too late they can have hot young trophy wives, Matt explains why baseball player Drew Robinson’s failed suicide was hardly heroic, we delve into Hollywood pretending to discover not a single member of the Golden Globes is black, and we wonder why women follow the likes of Chrissy Teigen for working mom and parenting advice. … Continue readingLMOE #171: Bill Gates, Pussy Magnate

LMOE #153 – Deadnaming, Naked Professors, and Bezos Peen

Do you ever look around this world and think to yourself, man, I’m glad Ol’ Dirty Bastard died before he had to see all of this shit? No. Me neither. Though it’s hard not to reminisce about a time when political correctness was roundly mocked and scolded, rather than the practical law of the land. The return of all types of tribunals has not served this planet well. … Continue readingLMOE #153 – Deadnaming, Naked Professors, and Bezos Peen