LMOE #142 – Amazon Tease Fest and GQ Panty Waists

The world has turned upside down and all the Chinese people have fallen off. It’s our job to fix what is rotten on this planet with semi-literate commentary on the week’s events. It doesn’t pay well, and there is no paternity leave, but everybody here speaks English and can take a dick joke. So there’s that.

On this week’s Last Men on Earth Podcast, we delve deep into the deep throating done by major cities to attract Jeff Bezos to their metro portals, mock GQ magazine for selecting Serena Williams as their sweet biceps of the year, talk a lot about this enormous chick in England who’s breastfeeding her daughter at age nine, kind of defend Kim and Kanye for their private firefighting mercenaries, lament how sophisticated sexual assault coaches have become in shaping the testimony of both real and false rape accusers, surmise reasons why the field in Mexico City wasn’t ready for this weekend’s mega NFL abroad game, and say a bunch of other incredibly inane things that once in a while make sense. Somebody’s got to speak truth to power.

And in our bonus segment for Patreon members, we slide into the thongs of Victoria’s Secret models and defend the slave-labor fueled mega-panties company for refusing to allow transgendered females and BBW’s walk in their annual show. We’re probably dead already, at least on the inside.

Sally Forth.