Developments In Joanna Krupa Smelly Lawsuit

Polish escort model Joanna Krupa from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is suing her former cast member Brandi Glanville for claiming on a second rate Bravo talk show airing in an infomercial slot that Krupa banged another cast member’s husband, and the husband told Glanville that her pussy smelled rotten. Regardless of what the polls […]

Mixed Messages On Terrence Howard

As actor Terrence Howard of the show Empire has become embroiled in a nasty divorce dispute with leaked details that he is a psychotic serial woman beater, Fox as decided to scale back his role, meaning he will appear in less scenes and have more time to punch escorts. At the end of last season, Howard’s […]

You Are Ashley Madison

There’s been a ton of gloating the past week over the leaked names from the Ashley Madison website customer data hack. That guy who’s famous. This guy who’s a traditional family values advocate. That guy prosecuted Casey Anthony, are you allowed to do that if you’re maybe cheating on your spouse? Snooki’s husband? Okay, that […]

Xenia Deli at a Crossroads

There comes a time in every young model’s rise in career status when she must decide if it’s worth being fucked for a couple months by Justin Bieber. He cruises these up and coming swimsuit and lingerie models with promises of push up and over the top into A-list gigs and status. He’s like Cosby, […]

Curt Schilling Just Goes For It

Serial annoyance Curt Schilling was suspended from his gig of covering the Little League World Series, although it’s unclear if that’s a punishment or a favor. Schilling tweeted one of those graphics with words on them called memes which people use in place of reading now. It’s actually really convenient because you get all the […]

Stella Maxwell And Lily-Rose Depp Get Close

Lily Rose Depp came out on social media and discussed her sexuality as ‘fluid’. When you’re sixteen and you’re taking pains to define what is and what is not your sexuality, you’re doing much better than I did at sixteen when my sexuality was defined only as sad or tragic or lonely or zero. I’m […]

Drake Confirms Gay Rumors

Drake solidified his status as a typical closet gay macho rapper dude by entering into a relationship with Serena Williams and her hairy man ass. Kids these days have looser restrictions on their sexuality. That’s all out the window though. This would still be characterized as a heterosexual relationship. But we all know it’s not. […]

It’s Probably Time To End Airshows (VIDEO)

Flying military jets in circus maneuvers over crowds of civilians who have lost their ability to make rational personal safety decisions seems like a particularly bad idea as of fifty air show crashes ago. This is different than the bull runs in Pamplona where everybody is stupid drunk and hopped up on Spanish testosterone. Bulls […]

Jared Fogle’s Linda Tripp

You can thank Florida junior detective Rochelle Herman-Walrond for providing evidence that ultimately put Jared Fogle away for life, or up to one hundred days, whichever occurs first. It’s still unclear how they met, but Herman-Walrond became Fogle’s dirty phone call FWB. Fogle would breathlessly inform her how he liked to bang virgin teen pussy. […]

Female Viagra Pill A Bunch Of Hoo Ha

There’s a lot of buzz about the FDA’s approval of a so called “female Viagra” which is to be used to treat women who don’t feel like fucking, also known as older women or women married to people nobody wants to fuck. Likening it to Viagra betrays a clear understanding of what the pill called […]

Alec Baldwin Dad Of The Year

Alec Baldwin apparently has five nannies for his two children, which is curious because his wife doesn’t work and spends all day on Instagram. Looking at the math, this precedent doesn’t appear sustainable for humanity going forward: “I am forever indebted to the women who have helped care for our children. Muchas gracias Lizzy, Sandra, Zena, […]