Playboy Magazine Eliminates Nudity

After banging thrice on the stasis tank that houses the living corpse of Hugh Hefner, Playboy magazine announced they will no longer be showing nude models in their nude models magazine as of March 2016. The executive staff at Playboy came up with a whole bunch of incredulous reasons for going non-nude with a magazine made entirely famous with nude women. […]

Bryana Holly Seems to Be Doing Well

Bryana Holly was once almost part of the Jenner family, almost marrying whichever son it is who didn’t hate Bruce but is lukewarm on Caitlin. It’s the kind of ‘almost’ you look back on and thank whatever god you believe in that you’re now tied to a humorless semi-abusive male model from a regular old family. […]

DDS Who Killed Cecil Won’t Be Charged

The Zimbabwe government today decided not to press charges against the dentist who flew to Africa to completely mistakenly lure, track, shoot, bleed out, and behead Cecil the Lion who ninety-percent of the world agreed is dearer to them than most of their siblings. The Zimbabwe government based their ruling on the fact that Walter Palmer […]

Country Star Jessie James Decker Breastfeeds

It’s amazing how the first ten billion or so kids came along without much fanfare, but if you have Twitter with a decent following of unquestioning needle heads you can pretend you’re Gaia, the first mother of children. Also, that one guy who said maybe you shouldn’t post pictures of your bare tits and your […]

The Cocks Not Glocks Movement Has Begun

In protest of Texas’ recent Campus Carry law, which allows students to bring guns onto campus and use them on other students at their discretion, a University of Texas Austin student named Jennifer Jin has started a protest movement in which students carry large dildos around. This is exactly the kind of outside the box […]

Brenda Song Bikini Sweet

Here’s what I know about Brenda Song. She maybe aborted a baby she was carrying by Miley Cyrus’s half brother and she looks pretty damn good in a bikini. The first one seems highly unconfirmed. I think it was her grandmother who said ‘Brenda is no longer pregnant’ which probably should’ve been run through a […]

Lady Gaga Half Naked On The TeeVee

You can insert your own homemade jokes about Lady Gaga’s appearance and American Horror Story. I’m more concerned with the growing trend of the less attractive female characters in the moving pictures naked. One thing you could always count on in mature themed film and late cable television was the expensive good looking lady showing you her […]