Christina Milian Panties Too Tight

There’s nothing worse than when you’re trying to model your panties on Snapchat and they end up being a couple sizes too small. A common problem when donning your preschool daughters undies in your evening shows. Accidents happen. Though I can’t recall the last time I had the unfortunate occurrence of putting on a child sized thong […]

Bella Thorne See Through

Some people have accused me of being infatuated with an eighteen year old girl. First, eighteen, check the original birth certificate. Second, so what. Everybody has their thing. This girl and her family want nothing more than for you to stare at their daughters boobs. They’re like taller less fat Kardashians without quite as much […]

Maria Menounos Shows Off on Snapchat

There is one and only one point to Snapchat. Hot girls doing naughty things. That’s pretty much true for Instagram and Twitter to if you exclude the ability of Jihadists to coordinate attacks. Everybody has different needs. Even established celebrity icons like Maria Menounos who used to be on that show you didn’t watch but […]

Terry Richardson Raping His Way To Family Life

Super rapey yet soundly in demand photographer Terry Richardson is having a baby with his former assistant Alexandra Bolotow, who has no doubt seen him get sucked off by hundreds of desperate American Apparel models getting paid in bus tokens. Richardson’s work toes the line between being misogynistic and honestly documenting masochistic whores who enjoy […]

Taylor Marie Hill in A Bikini

I always wanted a girlfriend who would make excuses on why she didn’t need dinner that evening. I find it economical and extremely sexy. Did you eat my last Klondike Bar in the freezer? Just kidding, I know you didn’t. The difference between skinny and sickly is just the right man to lie to your friends and family on […]

Brenda Song Youthful Cans

Brenda Song is in that rough spot between several years of Disney machine teeny bopper promotions and wanting everybody to notice she has some big tits for an Asian girl so she can finally stop getting cast as the cute girl in the high school chess club.  Tough position. I’d release a sex tape. It’s never […]

New York’s EMT’s Do ISIS A Solid

The Fire Department of New York did a drill in the subway so they could be prepared in the event of a mass shooting. Basically everyone applauded their efforts accept for some of the Emergency Medical Technicians who participated, as they let it be publicly known to the FDNY as well as any potential terrorists […]